A resilience program for adolescents aged 11 – 15 years.

The transition from primary to high school can be a time of excitement, fun and new experiences, but for some, it can also be challenging and worrying. Excessive worry and unhelpful thinking patterns can prevent your adolescent from being the best they can be in their adult years.

High school students can enhance their social and emotional intelligence if they learn strategies to manage stress in at school, the workplace and in relationships. Developed by Professor and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Paula Barrett, My FRIENDS Youth is a group program that helps adolescents reach their goals and successfully deal with the life challenges they face currently and in the future.

Although My FRIENDS Youth is open to 11-15 year olds, we aim to establish small groups of similar ages, same gender and mixed gender groups. The groups programs are run in various locations across Perth.


Session 1: Establishing group guidelines, getting to know one another, understanding and accepting differences, goal setting and identifying past success, understanding feelings in ourselves and others, body clues, emotion regulation, being a good communicator, empathy training

Session 2: Introduction to confidence, recognising aspects of our lives that build and detract from our confidence, how to be assertive without being aggressive, how to identify and be a true friend, advantages and disadvantages of online friendships, relaxation techniques and mindfulness exercises

Session 3: How to use positive attention, the connection between thoughts, feelings and behaviours, identifying helpful and unhelpful ways of thinking and challenging unhelpful thinking, using thoughts to change feelings, three steps for positive solutions, consolidation of thought challenging,

Session 4: Ways to cope and exploring solutions, breaking challenging and realistic goals down into small steps, effective study techniques and organisational skills for optimal sport and academic performance, learning to be brave and try new things, understand qualities of a true friend, practicing friendship skills and choosing healthy friendships

Session 5: How to reward ourselves when we have tried our best, using interpersonal rewards, value based role models, support groups and their positive qualities, expressing gratitude, altruism and giving back to the community.

How to Enrol

Cost per session: $66.00 per 2 hour session, plus a $22.00 e-book/workbook.

Total investment: $352.00 for 5 x 2 hour sessions. Inclusive of materials and the e-book/workbook.


What do maths, chemistry, English and piano have in common? Well, chances are you can find a tutor to help enhance your child’s skills in this area.

But what about social and emotional skills and building resilience? 

Did you know that social and emotional intelligence is a predictor of academic performance? Research tells us that children who are emotionally and socially skilled are more competent in dealing with stress, school work and have an enhanced ability to concentrate in the classroom.

We believe that the ability to learn social and emotional strategies should be normalised and not come with a mental health stigma.

We come to you

It’s convenient and private, enabling your child to learn and practice strategies to:

  • prevent & reduce of anxiety
  • boost their social and emotional skills 
  • challenge negative self-talk
  • form healthy friendships and relationships
  • learn effective relaxation and mindfulness techniques
  • problem solve and set realistic goals
  • be assertive without being aggressive
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Your child can then start using the evidence-based strategies immediately and practice them in different environments.

Home tutoring is helpful for:

✅ An adolscent preferring one-on-one support from the comfort of their own home

✅ Parents who are unable to transport their child to the group programs

✅ Time poor families who want to help their child but need flexibility

✅ Missed sessions. Simply pick up where you left off last time without missing out

How to Enrol

Cost per session: $66.00 per 1 hour session, plus a $22.00 e-book/workbook.

Total investment: $660.00 for 10 x 1 hour sessions. Inclusive of materials and the e-book/workbook.