Term 3 Fun FRIENDS and FRIENDS for Life Programs

Prevent and reduce anxiety. Learn together as a family.   Click on the desired location or age range below to download the Term 3 Information Sheet. Limited spots available. Swanbourne: CLICK HERE for Ages 4 - 7 years CLICK HERE for Ages 8 - 10 years Willagee: ...

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Staying strong and preparing for challenges

Congratulations to the participants of Term 2, My FRIENDS Youth – all boys group! Parents and caregivers, here is a summary of Session 5 along with some great feedback from the adolescents themselves. Learning helpful ways to solve problems Sometimes we find ourselves...

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Prevent anxiety and stress with visual reminders

Routines provide a sense of structure and familiarity Routines can help children to learn to constructively control themselves and their environments as well as internalise constructive habits such as basic self-care. This helps them feel stable and secure. However,...

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Anxiety and Depression in Youth

We know that anxiety and depression is very common in young people. Research tells us that around one in five young people will experience anxiety or depression by the time they hit adulthood (Merry et al., 2011). Research also tells us that those who suffer at this...

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All feelings are OK

Term 2, My FRIENDS Youth kicked off in Joondalup yesterday. Here's a summary of Session 1. Beanbags were a hit The idea behind this ‘non-classroom’ set up was to ensure that the participants were as comfortable as possible and that everyone including myself, the...

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How to Build Resilience in Your Child

Click HERE to download your FREE Guide: How to Build Resilience in Your Child.  Disclaimer: This guide represents general information only and is not a substitute for professional advice....

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Top 5 FAQs about the group programs

Resilience Kit delivers the evidence-based FRIENDS Resilience Programs to children, adolescents and adults to prevent and reduce anxiety. Here are the answers to the top 5 questions we receive: Do we have to attend the parent sessions? Resilience Kit encourages the...

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