About Us

About Us

As a Licensed Partner, Resilience Kit brings FRIENDS Resilience (previously known as The FRIENDS Programs) to Western Australia delivered as a double intervention for children and their parents/caregivers. FRIENDS Resilience is a series of evidence-based programs developed by Professor and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Paula Barrett to prevent and reduce anxiety and depression.

The Resilience Kit team includes psychologists, trained program facilitators and psychology students to teach children practical and useful ways to cope with their emotions and practice their social skills in a supportive environment.

The success and effectiveness of the Programs is largely dependent on the involvement of the primary caregivers. This is why we deliver the intervention in parallel for the child and their parents/caregivers to strengthen resilience in the whole family. Click here to read how the Programs have already helped many Perth families.

Evidence-based research

FRIENDS Resilience is committed to evidence-based research in all aspects of the Fun FRIENDS (ages 4 – 7 years), FRIENDS for Life (ages 8 – 10 years), My FRIENDS Youth (ages 11 – 15 years) and Adult Resilience Programs. FRIENDS Resilience has gained acknowledgement and recommendation by the World Health Organisation, having achieved over 20 years of comprehensive validation and assessment across several countries and languages using rigorous randomised control studies. As an effective anxiety treatment and prevention intervention, FRIENDS Resilience has gained international recognition amongst health and education professionals and is widely used in over 20 countries.

The author of FRIENDS Resilience, Professor and Clinical Psychologist Paula Barrett published the world’s first family treatment randomised control trial for anxiety in 1996. Since then, Professor Barrett and her research team have published more controlled trials for childhood anxiety than any other group in the world.