FRIENDS for Life

FRIENDS for Life

A Resilience Program for Children Aged 8 – 10 Years to Prevent and Reduce Anxiety.

Constant or excessive worry or fear about normal everyday activities or uncontrollable events can affect your child’s learning. FRIENDS for Life is an evidence-based, interactive universal program for the prevention and reduction of anxiety. Developed by Professor and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Paula Barrett, FRIENDS for Life is a widely researched program designed to inspire confidence in children and boost their social and emotional intelligence – key predictors of academic outcomes and school success.

Concepts, Skills and Strategies

Session 1: Working in groups, understanding and accepting our similarities and differences, identifying happy experiences, gaining self-awareness, the importance of showing our feelings, recognising and responding to our own and other people’s feelings, empathy training

Session 2: Listening to body clues to understanding feelings, exploring methods of relaxation, the importance of rest and quiet time, how to feel good and help others, mindfulness and attention training, understanding how our thoughts affect our feelings and behaviour

Session 3: Challenging or replacing unhelpful thoughts, thinking in positive helpful ways, exploring ways to cope with difficult or challenging situations, practice coping step plans

Session 4: Understanding the qualities of a true friend, establishing value-based role models and support teams, understanding the importance of role models and support teams in helping to overcome challenges, step plan for solving problems, brainstorming solutions and consider long-term consequences

Session 5: Thinking like a winner, staying calm and talking to supports, preparing for future challenges, sharing positives, practising our praising