Evidence-Based Group Programs for Anxiety

Evidence-Based Group Programs for Anxiety

Is Your Child…

  • Struggling to manage their emotions?
  • Unable to form and maintain healthy friendships
  • Worrying excessively about normal, everyday events?
  • Expressing their fears over making mistakes or trying new things?
  • Displaying symptoms of anxiety?

How Group Programs Can Help

We work using a group learning model, which is a research-supported approach to helping children and their parents develop effective coping skills and strategies that rapidly promote positive change.

Group learning can be particularly effective when working with children and teens because this approach mirrors their educational experience at school.

When group learning for children and parents occurs at a consistent time and place, we can observe and measure behavioural change over a short period of time. This provides a foundation for long-term success.

This proven approach allows parents to benefit by addressing multiple areas of concern in a safe and supportive group environment. Children can develop a sense of belonging and learn from the experiences of others. 

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