Resilience Kit is a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Program designed to help children who struggle with their emotions, learn better ways to cope with life’s challenges.

Marilla Community Centre is a friendly, informal place where Defence families and local community members can meet for a variety of health and social activities. They run weekly programs and regular events at minimal cost or for free.

Marilla Community parents and caregivers are invited to learn the skills and strategies from the Resilience Kit Program to help their child or children develop their coping skills to build resilience and prevent anxiety. This interactive five-session workshop series is for Marilla Community defence families and community members only, funded by Defence Community Organisation.

Presented by Gemma Lee Taylor, Founder of Resilience Kit. This workshop series is for parents and caregivers only with limited child care spaces available. Each session has its own ticket and members are required to register for each session via the link below.

Thursday 27th February

Session 1: Happiness & Relaxation

Practising mindfulness and training our attention towards the positive protects our mental health. By celebrating the things we are good at, and shifting our focus towards our strengths, this can help us boost self-esteem in children and adults alike. In this way, we explore ways to boost happiness and encourage relaxation. Register here.

Thursday 5th March

Session 2: Feelings

It’s not unusual for children or adults to find it difficult to talk about their feelings and manage them appropriately. In this workshop, we explore different kinds of feelings and how to manage them in healthy ways. Register here.

Thursday 12th March 

Session 3: Unhelpful & Helpful Thoughts

Negative self-talk feeds anxiety. In this workshop, we cover unhelpful thoughts – the thoughts that do not help us feel good about ourselves or others. We look at ways to help children challenge them and replace them with more helpful thoughts. When children learn and practice thinking in helpful ways, they feel calmer and more confident in everyday life. Register here.

Thursday 19th March

Session 4: Problem Solving & Connecting Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours

In this workshop, we explore ways to break down problems at home, at school and with peers and teachers. We look at the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This workshop is generally a follow on from Session 2 and Session 3. Register here.

Thursday 26th March

Session 5: Consolidation of Skills & Strategies  

In the final session, we provide an overview of the skills and strategies covered in the previous four workshops. There will be plenty of opportunities for Q&As as we go through the content covered in the Resilience Kit Program.

To learn more about Marilla Community please visit their website or connect with them on Facebook.