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Learn the same language, together as a family

Resilience Kit introduces therapeutic concepts to children through playful and creative private home sessions, developing children’s executive skills to build resilience and reduce anxiety.

Relationships and family are at the heart of what we do and parents have found it beneficial to learn skills and strategies to help support their children in the privacy of their own home.

Support for parents include

  • Identifying problem behaviours, identifying strengths and weaknesses in executive skills in the child and the parent/s.
  • Improving their own and their child’s inhibitory control, working memory and emotional control.
  • Effective strategies to help parents/caregivers improve their own and their child’s ability to initiate tasks, sustain attention and plan for the future.
  • Enhancing metacognition, reviewing and evaluating family progress over the five weeks.

Session outline

Session 1:

  • What are we good at?
  • What makes us feel happy?
  • How can we increase happiness, kindness and relaxation in our life?
  • How can mindfulness and visualisation help us sleep better at night?

Session 2:

  • How many different feelings can we have every day?
  • What are the physiological responses to worry, sadness, anger and fear?
  • How can we increase self-awareness and train our attention towards the positives?
  • What kinds of situations may contribute to various feelings?
  • How can we handle difficult situations with more flexibility?

Session 3:

  • Can we explore the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour?
  • What kinds of thoughts can help us home, at school, with peers and teachers?
  • How can our thoughts help try new things, deal with change and problem-solve?

Session 4:

  • How can we problem-solve at home, at school, with peers and teachers?
  • How can we stay calm in difficult situations?
  • Can we help mum or dad practice coping strategies at home and in environments outside of the home?
  • Session for parents: Improving family organisation, ability to manage time, flexibility and follow through with goals.

Session 5:

  • Can we identify more things we are good at and celebrate our success?
  • Let’s consolidate and share all of the skills and strategies we have learnt.
  • Take home Resilience Kit – a tangible reminder of resilience skills and strategies to apply in everyday life

Following your progress

When  learning as a family is undertaken at a consistent time and place, we can observe and measure behavioural change over a short period of time, which lets you see your family’s progress and development.

At the start of the program, you will be asked to complete some questionnaires. This is so we can observe, measure and share changes with you over the five weeks, and at three months time. This helps your family stay on track over the long-term.

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