We help anxious children build resilience and confidence in a fun group environment.

Using evidence-based strategies, we help children improve their ability to regulate their emotions, enhance helpful self-talk and develop constructive behaviours.


Resilience Kit introduces therapeutic concepts to children through playful and creative group sessions, developing executive skills to build resilience and reduce anxiety.


Another stressful morning? 

Discover our tools to help turn your morning routine from chaos to calm. 

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Does Your Child Go With The Flow?

How does your child respond to plans suddenly changing? Do they struggle with their emotions, lack the ability to adjust or problem-solve where need be? If you have a child that struggles to go with the flow, you may find that it takes extra time, energy and planning...

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Should You Be Worried About Your Child’s Worries?

There are many kinds of normal fears and worries children have as a part of growing up. Separating from Mum, loud noises, animals, media events, being in a new place or being around new people, can elicit a fearful and anxious response. Children of all ages experience...

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