We help anxious children build resilience and confidence in a fun group environment.

Using evidence-based strategies, we help children improve their ability to regulate their emotions, enhance helpful self-talk and develop constructive behaviours.


Resilience Kit introduces therapeutic concepts to children through playful and creative group sessions, developing executive skills to build resilience and reduce anxiety.


Another stressful morning? 

Discover our tools to help turn your morning routine from chaos to calm. 

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7 Ways to Build Resilience in Your Family

Why is Resilience in Childhood Important? We have all heard that resilience is important for a child's wellbeing. A resilient child copes better with problems, bounces back from adversity and builds upon their strengths to adapt to a changing world. In addition to...

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Helping Children Cope With Separation Anxiety

Is Your Child Struggling With Separation Anxiety? Separation anxiety is characterised by irrational fears of separation and abandonment by close attachment figures. Close attachment figures may be parents, partners and even pets. Although separation anxiety can affect...

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