We help anxious children build resilience and confidence in a fun group environment.

Using evidence-based strategies, we help children improve their ability to regulate their emotions, enhance helpful self-talk and develop constructive behaviours.


Resilience Kit introduces therapeutic concepts to children through playful and creative group sessions, developing executive skills to build resilience and reduce anxiety.


Another stressful morning? 

Discover our tools to help turn your morning routine from chaos to calm. 

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Help For Children Who Catastrophise

Do you have a child that catastrophises or blows things out of proportion? How often have they managed to turn small problems into much bigger ones? Help for Children Who Catastrophise Some argue that by presuming the worst, this buffers against possible feelings of...

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Does Your Child Give Up Easily?

"It's too hard!" "I give up!" Does your child quickly abandon tasks or lose interest in things? We're not born with all the skills to get things done successfully. We learn them. How to Build Goal-Directed Persistence Goal-Directed Persistence is an important...

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