Resilience Kit delivers the evidence-based FRIENDS Resilience Programs to children, adolescents and adults to prevent and reduce anxiety. Here are the answers to the top 5 questions we receive:

Do we have to attend the parent sessions?

Resilience Kit encourages the long term maintenance of social and emotional skills to boost resilience in families. This is why we provide parallel Parenting Strategies and the Adult Resilience: Strong not Tough Program at the same time and venue as your child attends their Group Program. If possible, why not stay and learn resilience strategies for yourself and obtain the knowledge to reinforce the social and emotional skills taught to your child in your family home. It’s like learning a new language together.

What do you need to know about my child?

As we communicate with so many parents daily, it’s best to speak with you or at least, obtain the necessary information via email. For example, it’s helpful for us to know whether your child has received support from any allied health professional, if your child has a recent mental health diagnosis, what your child’s strengths and challenges are, how your child may be in a group setting, the structure of your family etc.

Why can’t I enrol my child online?

To ensure that the program is suitable for your family, we need to gain an understanding of where your child is at. Although the program is universal, and thus suitable for most children, there are several important things we need to know so please get in touch.

I have more than one child. Do you offer a discount?

Yes. Sometimes it can be really helpful for a child to learn new skills with a familiar face in the same room. Therefore, we offer a 50% discount for another sibling attending a Term Program with their parents/caregivers  The discount applies to the second child (or subsequent children). Even if the sibling participates in a different program (due to age differences), your family will still be entitled to the discount. At the end of the day, it’s about strengthening resilience in the whole family.

Why is there no parent/caregiver sessions during My FRIENDS Youth?

Young people often prefer to undertake the program independently, without their parents or caregivers in the same centre. The concepts, strategies and skills taught are available online for parents and caregivers to keep track of what their young person is learning each session. We strongly encourage parents or caregivers to contact us to let us know how their young person is travelling at home. Learning new skills takes time so we contact families for a follow up at three months. This allows the adolescent time to practice these skills beyond the duration of the Program.

The FRIENDS Resilience Programs are a set of Programs which aim to prevent anxiety and depression across the lifespan. The FRIENDS Resilience Programs for children are delivered by psychologists trained by Resilience Kit when run in parallel with the Parenting Strategies and Adult Resilience Program for parents and caregivers.

Fun FRIENDS | Ages 4 – 7

FRIENDS for Life | Ages 8 – 11

My FRIENDS Youth | Ages 12 – 15