Curious to know what mums and dads have said about how Fun FRIENDS and FRIENDS for Life impacted their family’s mental health? Read about some experiences here.

“The program provided strategies for both my child and myself that focuses on solutions which encourage positive empowering ways of coping with everyday stresses, as well as acknowledging and embracing the things we can be grateful for. It has been in investment in ourselves and our emotional well-being.”

“In today’s society and world, I believe prevention is the key to a successful and meaningful life.”

“Being given the tools early in life means the children are given skills to help prepare and hopefully be more aware of their feelings, their support networks, their role models and the way they can cope and react to certain or maybe more challenging situations.”

“We all want to provide and aid our children with the best abilities and knowledge to lead happy, successful, meaningful and forfilled (sic) lives and this course is a great way to learn these skills for both child and parent. In order to help our children grow into the best people the can and deserve to be. Thank you for this opportunity.”

“It has been a wonderful course! James* and ourselves have learnt so many skills we implement at home.”

“It’s been especially useful learning the language that the kids have and being able to build on it. In fact, I can’t imagine it being so successful without the parallel parent course. James* is doing an emotional programme (sic) at his school that they have implemented (“Seedlings”) but without the parallel parent course it is nowhere near as useful, especially for young kids. Thanks so much Gemma and your team! I think ongoing group work would be beneficial too.”

“It was extremely helpful to learn at the same time that our children were learning.”

“As a family, we were all on the ‘same page’. My boys surprised me with how they managed conflicts between themselves, and required less guidance from me over the five weeks.”


Resilience Kit runs evidence-based mental health programs for the prevention and treatment of anxiety. Resilience Kit’s unique parallel programs for children and parents/caregivers strengthen resilience in the whole family. For more information about upcoming programs, please find us on Facebook or contact 0481369446.

*Names have been changed to maintain privacy and confidentiality.