Page 2 of Kids in Perth – The Parents’ Paper (August) celebrates the launch of our evidence-based group programs for children and parents in October, 2016. In Swanbourne, we will be running three developmentally targeted groups as a licensed partner of The FRIENDS Programs.

The FRIENDS Programs are internationally recognised and endorsed by The World Health Organisation for the prevention and reduction of anxiety through social and emotional skills training. Research tells us that social and emotional skills affect performance at school and in the workplace. Too often, we have a bias toward believing that only cognitive skills are of fundamental importance to success in life.


The FRIENDS Programs are universal prevention programs. This means that children do not need to be struggling with anxiety to benefit. All children can benefit from learning preventative strategies for managing social and academic performance, peer pressure and the formation of positive friendships.

Parallel Sessions for parents & caregivers

Children and parents will also learn skills for life through Resilience Kit’s unique parallel sessions. This enables families to ‘learn a new language’ and practice the skills for better long term outcomes. Support is provided along the way over the 5 weeks and individual psychological sessions are available after the groups if required.

Registrations are closing shortly for:

1. Fun FRIENDS for ages 4-7 years
2. FRIENDS for Life for ages 8-11 years
3. My FRIENDS Youth for ages 12-15 years

To find out more, please visit our website or contact 0481 369 446 or [email protected]

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