Daily Routine Reminder Cards for Kids


Does Your Child Struggle With Daily Tasks?

Prevent challenging behaviours and set healthy expectations with these easy to use Daily Routine Reminder Cards.

Each set contains 30 cards measuring 100mm x 100mm.

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Fun and Easy to Use

Kids can see and process what they are being asked to do to help learn their daily routine, one step at a time.

Develop Autonomy and Competence

Kids who feel more independent may have less need to rebel and be oppositional. With a bit of practice and praise along the way, this can boost their confidence. In the long run, this can save time when kids automatically get things done without consciously thinking about it.

Eliminate the Nagging

If kids can see what comes next, they can learn to develop autonomy and competence without feeling like they are being pushed around. They can then constructively control themselves and their environments as well as internalise habits such as basic self-care.

One of Each Card Included in the Set:

good morning | toilet | make bed | eat breakfast | brush teeth | choose clothes | get dressed | comb hair | put on shoes | sunscreen | time to go | read book | play music | pick up clothes | pack bag | pack lunch | eat a snack | drink water | dishes to sink | set the table | wash hands | choose toys | feed pet | bath / shower | put on pyjamas | good night | set the timer | play | pack away

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100mm x 100mm