My Strong Mind


Follow Kate as she tackles daily challenges using her positive mindset. Kates story will oped doors to helping your children build a strong mind, as Kate’s story shows how Kate uses strong mind techniques to deal with daily challenges in her life, from getting ready in time in the morning, to talking in front of her class. My Strong Mind is a great resource for helping children build their confidence, resilience, and mental strength.

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“Kate is a sporty and happy girl she does well at school and has many friends, but like every girl, she sometimes faces difficult situations at home or school. Discover how Kate uses her strong mind to tackle her daily challenges with a positive attitude.” – Neils Van Hoove

My Strong Mind by Neils Van Hoove, follows Kate a young happy and sporty child as she tackles difficult situations at home and school using her ‘strong mind’, whilst having a positive attitude. These situations Kate faces are many that all children will face, these can include; getting ready in time in the moringing, doing cartwheels, standing in front of the whole class with show and tell, and playing basketball. To tackle her difficult situations Kate applies the etchniques of; goal setting, positive self-talk, accepting failure as learning, visualisation of the problem, beathing and mindfulness exercises, gratitude, and controlled distraction.

Kate’s story will open the door for your chidlren to begin learning about and building their own strong mind, by building their confidence, resilience, and mental strength

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