“The resilience training has been helpful in that I have thought about different ways to approach things.”

Developmental psychology has historically focused on the needs and life stages of children. While academics are busy researching and parents are continually concerned about their child’s development, very little attention has been devoted in the public arena to adult development and helping adults grow through their life challenges.

Resilient people are more capable of dealing with stress, achieving goals and controlling anxiety. They have the ability to think positively about themselves, the world and others even when times are tough.

How do you build a resilient workplace?

Adult Resilience: Strong Not Tough is an interactive evidence-based program that gives adults and young people from ages 16+ the skills to cope effectively with the many challenging situations we all encounter throughout our lives. Adult Resilience: Strong Not Tough is a personal policy to protect individual’s from experiencing overwhelming feelings of anxiety, which can affect all areas of your life if not managed.

We congratulate Activ Business Services, Osborne Park for completing training in the Strong not Tough: Adult Resilience Program to enhance the resilience of their team members.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, I have learnt some new coping strategies and the info in the booklet will be a source of reference and info for the future. The presentation was delivered in an excellent manner with plenty of opportunity for class input. Many thanks.”

“Enjoyed the presentation. Gemma was most informative. Helps you to process and not just reach a negative conclusion. Great ways to go through steps and take time out and think it through.”

“I have found this training very helpful & informative both in my working and personal life. I have tried to remember to use some of the stress relief techniques in certain situations. Reflecting & going over points each week has helped me to absorb information. Very relaxed and pleasant environment to learn in. Very positive.”

“Enjoyed working with Gemma on learning about the steps that can be taken when feeling stressed and anxious. How simple thoughts can change the situation. Learning to switch on the green thoughts when times are stressful. Be able to review the resilience manual for later times.”

“The resilience training has been helpful in that:

  • I have actually written down my concerns and other things that have played on my mind for years! Some of these things have been sad and hurtful, but I still think it has helped.
  • I have thought about different ways to approach things
  • I have to look after myself more
  • I have to focus on the PRESENT and while not forgetting the past – I should learn NOT to dwell on it so much!”

Have you heard of Activ Business Services? They are a contemporary Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) that supports over 1,050 employees with a disability by providing meaningful employment opportunities across metropolitan and regional Western Australia. Team members completed a series of two hour sessions of the Strong not Tough: Adult Resilience Program over five consecutive weeks.