As a parent or caregiver of a child attending Fun FRIENDS or FRIENDS for Life, there is an opportunity for you to complete the following questionnaires:
  • DASS (Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scale)
  • SCAS (Spence Children’s Anxiety Scale) and
  • SDQ (Strengths & Difficulties Questionnaire)

The purpose of a follow up

The purpose of completing these scales is to capture where you and your child are at before versus after Fun FRIENDS or FRIENDS for Life. Although we are confident you will notice changes over the weeks, this is an objective measure based on reliable and valid psychological scales that we can share with you. We give your family the opportunity to practice the skills before getting in touch with you at a later date.

Receive an email reminder

You will receive a email reminder when it is time for a 3 month+ follow up. This can take place over the phone or face-to-face in Swanbourne or Joondalup during set times. Please note this is optional and there is no fee. Privacy and confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

When to complete the questionnaires

These questionnaires will be distributed at Session 1, with an opportunity to complete them as you walk in (whilst we settle your child/children in the adjacent room) or during the break. They will take approximately 15 – 20 minutes.
If you have any questions regarding the follow up, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.