Weekend Group Program Sessions For Kids + Teens

Resilience Kit continues to monitor the development of COVID-19, and to follow advice from health and government authorities.

We are taking all reasonable and appropriate steps to support the health and wellbeing of children and parents who seek our services.

Group Programs
In line with current advice to limit contact between people as an important way to minimise the spread of COVID-19, Resilience Kit Group Programs will cease effective TUESDAY 24th MARCH.

Private Home Sessions or Live Video Calls
The program can be successfully completed through a series of Private Home Sessions or Live Video Calls. For more information, contact us here or on 0481 369 446.

Session Outline

Session 1:

  • What are we good at?
  • What makes us feel happy?
  • How can we increase happiness, kindness and relaxation in our life?
  • How can mindfulness and visualisation help us sleep better at night?

Session 2:

  • How many different feelings can we have every day?
  • What are the physiological responses to worry, sadness, anger and fear?
  • How can we increase self-awareness and train our attention towards the positives?
  • What kinds of situations may contribute to various feelings?
  • How can we handle difficult situations with more flexibility?

Session 3:

  • Can we explore the connection between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour?
  • What kinds of thoughts can help us home, at school, with peers and teachers?
  • How can our thoughts help try new things, deal with change and problem-solve?

Session 4:

  • How can we problem-solve at home, at school, with peers and teachers?
  • How can we stay calm in difficult situations?
  • Can we help mum or dad practice coping strategies at home and in environments outside of the home?

Session 5:

  • Can we identify more things we are good at and celebrate our success?
  • Let’s consolidate and share all of the skills and strategies we have learnt
  • Take home Resilience Kit – a tangible reminder of resilience skills and strategies to apply in everyday life