We help children who struggle with their emotions, learn better ways to cope with life’s challenges.

Using evidence-based strategies, we help children improve their ability to regulate their emotions, enhance helpful self-talk and develop constructive behaviours.

Benefits of the Resilience Kit Program

Enhance your child’s executive functioning skills.

Executive functioning skills are the cognitive skills required to negotiate the typical demands of childhood at home, at school and with friends. When children learn strategies to improve their executive skills, they find it easier to:

  • Regulate their emotions
  • Control impulses which can get them into trouble
  • Be flexible when things do not go to plan
  • Organise themselves for school
  • Initiate work and stay on task

At some point, to some degree, all children struggle with emotional regulation, exercising self-control and getting along with others.

Some children, however, need additional support to help them catch up to their peers at a similar developmental stage. Given the right strategies, tools and support, these children often thrive in their new-found resilience and confidence.

Targeted strategies for your child in five sessions.

Five-sessions in the comfort of your own home. Your child receives 1:1 support to learn coping skills to build resilience.

Your child builds their own Resilience Kit.

In each session, your child will add to their Resilience Kit – their tangible reminder of resilience skills and strategies to apply in everyday life. They are encouraged to share their Resilience Kit with their parents to help their parents learn and apply strategies to build resilience in the family. Items within the Resilience Kit also serve as a communication and problem-solving tool for family members.

Is your child aged 4 – 14 years old?

Executive skills become increasingly important as young people venture into the world with less parental supervision and guidance.

Investing in building and boosting your child’s skills now will set them up with the skills for life to manage school, work and relationships with resilience and confidence



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