We help anxious children build resilience and confidence in a fun group environment.

Using evidence-based strategies, we help children improve their ability to regulate their emotions, enhance helpful self-talk and develop constructive behaviours.
Resilience Kit introduces therapeutic concepts to children through playful and creative group sessions, developing executive skills to build resilience and reduce anxiety.


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How to Encourage a Child to Talk About Their Feelings

Learning About Feelings is Important For People of All Ages Here are some quick tips to help your child understand feelings. Children who are able to understand and manage their feelings in a healthy way are more likely to stay calm in challenging situations and enjoy...

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How to Help a Child with Anxiety

Anxiety is an expected, normal and transient response to a stressful situation. It is an evolutionary hangover and one that has allowed us to be in the world today. But with today’s fast paced lifestyle, social media and our inability to relax, there are more...

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