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About Us


Evidence-based group programs for Perth families

What if parents and children could learn the same language to prevent and reduce anxiety, together as a family in a supportive group environment? We know that being around others in a safe and supportive group environment naturally creates a sense of belonging.

Resilience Kit is a private practice that delivers evidence-based group programs for the prevention and reduction of anxiety. Resilience Kit specialises in delivering group programs for children and their parents at the same time and place in parallel sessions. This way, everyone learns the same language to prevent and reduce anxiety in their family. Learn how the Programs have already helped many Perth families here.

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The evidence-based programs we use are the internationally acclaimed FRIENDS Resilience Programs (previously known as The FRIENDS Programs). FRIENDS Resilience has gained acknowledgement and recommendation by the World Health Organisation, having achieved over 20 years of comprehensive validation and assessment across several countries and languages using rigorous randomised control studies. As an effective anxiety treatment and prevention intervention, FRIENDS Resilience has gained international recognition amongst health and education professionals and is widely used in over 20 countries.

Meet the team

Gemma Lee Taylor | Groups Coordinator | BCom BSc(Psy) Hons

Anxiety is the most common mental health issue in Australia which often emerges in childhood. When tackling mental health issues like anxiety, there are generally two approaches.
The first and longest standing approach focuses on treating the anxiety once it has emerged.
The second and more recent approach focuses on the area of prevention and early intervention. If we can shift the focus towards an individual’s positive qualities and strengths without the need to diagnose a problem we have the ability to prevent anxiety in many cases.
In 2016, Gemma became a Licensed Partner of FRIENDS Resilience, having previously worked with and received training by the creator of the programs herself, Professor and Clinical Psychologist, Paula Barrett in Brisbane, Australia. Professor Barrett published the world’s first family treatment randomised control trial for anxiety in 1996 and since then, her research team has published more controlled trials for childhood anxiety than any other group in the world.
Gemma created Resilience Kit to address the gap in the provision of group programs for Perth families which focuses on enhancing the individual strengths of mums, dads and siblings to build resilience in the family.
By recruiting and training a team of enthusiastic psychologists and psychology students, Gemma and the team work together to help children enhance their social and emotional intelligence in a fun way. She develops lesson plans so that her team can teach through play, activities and games. At the same time, Gemma works with parents to address common childhood challenges and equip them with the skills and strategies to build resilience in their family.
Gemma measures outcomes through the use of valid and reliable psychological scales. She provides follow ups for families to discuss progress several months down the track.
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Jess Chrystal | Registered Psychologist | BA(Hons) MPSYCH (Educational/Developmental)

Jess Chrystal is a Registered Psychologist with extensive experience in the areas of autism, learning difficulties, challenging behaviours, and attention and concentration difficulties. Jess is currently completing her Educational and Developmental Registrar program through AHPRA and currently works part-time as the Junior School Psychologist at Trinity College, East Perth and at Chrystal Psychology, Floreat.

Jess uses an evidence-based approach to assessment and therapy and is committed to helping children discover their hidden talents, developing greater confidence, draw upon their inner strength and discover their full potential.

Jess has been trained by Resilience Kit to deliver evidence-based group programs for the prevention and reduction of anxiety. She facilitates group programs for 4 – 7 year olds and 8 – 11 year olds. View the dates of upcoming programs here.