A Resilience Program for Children Aged 4 – 7 Years to Prevent and Reduce Anxiety.

Experiencing difficulties in regulating emotions can affect a child’s learning experience in early schooling. Fun FRIENDS is an evidence-based, interactive, play-based universal program for the prevention and reduction of anxiety. Developed by Professor and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Paula Barrett, Fun FRIENDS is a group program that provides children with fundamental social and emotional skills to nurture their development and help them succeed during these crucial years.

Concepts, Skills and Strategies

Session 1: Getting to know one another, working in groups, feeling confident and learning to be brave, making healthy life choices, identifying happy experiences

Session 2: Understanding and recognising feelings in ourselves and others, making happy feelings grow, empathy training, understanding and accepting differences

Session 3: Understanding body clues, relaxation techniques, mindfulness and attention training, noticing how our thoughts affect our feelings and actions, changing unhelpful to helpful thoughts

Session 4: Understanding qualities of a true friend, practicing friendship skills including helping, sharing and listening, learning how to make new friends, breaking challenging goals down into small steps, learning to be brave and try new things

Session 5: Role models and positive qualities, using support teams, rewarding ourselves when we have tried our best, using interpersonal rewards