What do maths, chemistry, English and piano have in common? Well, chances are you can find a tutor to help enhance your child’s skills in this area.

But what about social and emotional skills and building resilience? 

Did you know that social and emotional intelligence is a predictor of academic performance? Research tells us that children who are emotionally and socially skilled are more competent in dealing with stress, school work and have an enhanced ability to concentrate in the classroom.

We believe that the ability to learn social and emotional strategies should be normalised and not come with a mental health stigma.

We come to you

Home Tutoring is convenient and private, enabling your child to learn and practice strategies to:

  • prevent & reduce of anxiety
  • boost their social and emotional skills 
  • challenge negative self-talk
  • form healthy friendships and relationships
  • learn effective relaxation and mindfulness techniques
  • problem solve and set realistic goals
  • be assertive without being aggressive

Your child can then start using the evidence-based strategies immediately and practice them in different environments.

Home tutoring is helpful for:

  • Two siblings who are happy to undertake the program together
  • Parents who are unable to transport their child to the Group Programs
  • Time poor parents who want to help their family but need flexibility
  • Missed sessions. Simply pick up where you left off last time without missing out.